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CL Fabrication Has Updated Its Website with New Stump Bucket Product Information for Clients Nationwide 

stump bucket

CL Fabrication Stump Bucket

Summary: CL Fabrication specializes in designing and making high-quality and durable products for challenging tasks. Besides EZ grapples, guard combos, loader attachments, and land levelers, the company has updated stump bucket information on the website.

Clarinda, IA: CL Fabrication has updated its website with new details about the skid steer stump bucket. The product is designed for clients with challenging tasks such as tearing out roots and stamps and digging drainage ditches. Thanks to the thick upper construction, attached hook bar, thick grade steel sawtooth, and body side plates, skid steer owners can use it in other related tasks such as removing sidewalks and prying up old fence posts. 

In addition to its ability to handle the power of compact track loaders and skid steers, CL Fabrication has added more features to make the stump bucket durable and ideal for day-to-day uses. For example, the attachment has a powder-coated finish and a rugged design. Also, it has replaceable excavator teeth in case the client wants better options or if the parts are worn and damaged. 

CL Fabrication also makes dominator trees and post pullers for clients with compact track loaders, skid steers, and tractor loaders. To effectively pull up posts and unwanted trees without digging around the roots, they have designed a 60” opening for easy grasps and 1” thick high strength steel jaws. Other features include the ability to produce over 33,000 pounds of force on each cylinder, greaseable pivot points, and removable steel root rippers.

In addition, the company designs and makes tree transplanter scoops for clients interested in transporting small trees to different locations. Thanks to the attachment’s root ball size range of 36-60”, they can move the tree without harming the roots or reducing the chances of surviving in its new location. Other features that make it worth investing in include a 3/8″ thick mount plate and steel construction. 

The company also makes EZ Grapples, ideal attachments for clearing all types of debris from bushes and logs. Some features that set it apart include the 50” opening for grasping large objects and the hydraulic cylinders to avoid breakdowns. The team also uses high-strength steel to construct the EZ Grapple, making it solid and perfect for demanding tasks.  

In addition, the company makes two types of auger drives for skid steer loaders — general purpose and combination rock and earth auger. Thanks to easy knock-in and out teeth features, clients can use them in various tasks such as fence and sign post installation, tree planting, footing and pole drilling, cement mixing, and stump grinding. 

CL Fabrication is located at 420 S 8th St, Clarinda, IA, 51632, US. Clients interested in learning more about the new stump bucket can contact the company at 712-542-5500. Visit the website for more information.


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