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CL Fabrication Provides Quality Ground Ripper Attachments in Clarinda, IA

CL Fab's XR Ripper Skid Steer Attachment

CL Fab’s XR Ripper Skid Steer Attachment

CL Fabrication has the new XR Ripper attachments to help property owners and other specialists rip hard ground or hard-packed surfaces. The company comprises a team of experts who are passionate about attachments and providing quality products to meet the needs of their clients. 

Clarinda, IA –Recently, there has been an influx of different types of attachments in the market, making it difficult to select one that best fits a project. CL Fabrication is in business to mitigate this problem by providing precision-built quality attachments for property owners, project managers, construction experts, and contractors who need to prepare the ground for different projects.

CL Fabrication is owned by Curtis Hull, a highly qualified engineer with more than 35years of experience in the manufacturing and fabrication industry. He leads a team of well-trained welders and specialists who go above and beyond to create high-quality products with different specifications for a range of needs. 

Mr. Hull’s experience and his team’s knowledge have allowed them to create the new XR Ripper (skid steer ripper). It comes in two widths and can handle the power of the biggest compact track loaders and skid steers. This new attachment allows clients to rip hard ground including, rocks, asphalt, frost, and other hard-packed surfaces. It can also be used to dig up stumps, tear out roots, and open up the earth for farming or construction. As a company that values quality, CL Fabrication has outfitted the XR Ripper with reversible teeth for reverse/forward ripping up to a maximum depth of 20’ below grade. 

While the skid steer ripper can be hired, finding affordable attachments can save on costs in the long run, especially for clients or contractors with repeat projects. With this in mind, CL Fabrication offers a wide range of XR Ripper variations that are affordable with different features including weight, teeth, and spacing. They also have bolt-on adjustable skids and gauge wheels. The XR Ripper has a tough powder-coated finish for durability, reversible steel tines, a tubing frame, skid steer attach points, four anti-skid steps, and the teeth can be adjusted without tools. 

Besides the ground ripper, CL Fabrication has a range of tree pullers, rock buckets, grapples, pallet forks, bale unrollers, bale spears, tree scoops, and skid steer hitches. They also have selections of auger drives, snowpushers, stump buckets, land levelers converters/adapters, grapple/guard combos, and hydraulic hose savers. 

Not only does CL Fabrication believe in the products they make, but also the satisfaction of the clients who trust their products. For this reason, they offer a 5-year structural warranty, a 30day money-back guarantee, an exchange, or a full refund of the product’s original price. This approach has earned them many 5-star reviews and positive testimonials. 

To learn more about CL Fabrication, call (712) 542-5500 to speak to an expert. The company is located at 420 S 8th St, Clarinda, IA, 51632, US. For any inquiries about the products they offer, visit their website.


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