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Industry Leader Mapes Panels to Attend Prestigious BEC Conference in Las Vegas

Mapes Panels Insulated Back Pans

Mapes Panels Insulated Back Pans

Summary – Mapes Panels, an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of top-quality architectural panels, is set to attend the BEC Conference between March 5 and 7th in Las Vegas.

Lincoln, NE – Surviving in the architectural glass and metal industry requires dedication and hard work, but thriving demands more. To succeed in this industry, it is essential to adopt effective marketing strategies and quickly adapt to emerging trends. That’s why Mapes Panels, a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality commercial architectural products, is excited to announce its participation in the National Glass Association’s BEC conference. The conference will take place in Las Vegas from March 5-7 and promises to bring together the most prominent and influential figures in the dynamic glass and metal industry.

The BEC conference aims to facilitate education and networking opportunities among its members and guests. The event will feature keynote speeches from leading experts across the glass and metal industry. This year’s conference is particularly significant as it marks the silver jubilee, twenty-five years since the first gathering. This milestone offers attendees an opportunity to reflect on their successes and failures over the last quarter-century and learn from them.

Besides, attendees will be able to share valuable information, ideas, and technologies that can help them grow both individually as businesses and collectively as an industry. The conference presents an excellent opportunity for individuals and companies to network and learn from the industry’s movers and shakers.

Since its foundation in 1952, Mapes Panels has consistently grown and improved its inventory of architectural products and is firmly focused on furthering this trend. The company’s technicians look forward to showcasing some of these products at the conference, including the innovative infill panels and the double glazing panels. More importantly, they aim to use the opportunity to learn about emerging trends and new technologies by engaging and cooperating with other industry heavyweights. Their goal is to use whatever they learn at the BEC conference to help expand or improve their products and services, to serve their esteemed customers better. 

“Like any industry leader, we’ve seen our share of changes over the years. Advances in both technology and customer needs have inspired us to continue to innovate. It’s working together with customers to solve their project challenges that has always driven us and still does.” Explains a website quote on why Mapes Panels values attending improvement workshops and BEC conferences every year. 

Customers looking for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality commercial architectural products can count on Mapes Panels. The company’s products have found widespread applications in storefront remodeling and wall-facing and come in many different designs and shades. Potential customers can visit the company’s website to learn more about these products and their applications. Alternatively, they can contact one of its representatives at (800) 228-2391 for queries and concerns. Mapes Panels is located at 2929 Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln, NE, 68504, USA. 


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