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Mapes Panels Has Updated Its Website for Mapes Seamless Structurally Glazed (SSG) Panel Products 

SSG panels

SSG panels

Summary – Mapes Panels’ new website for SSG products allows clients access to the product sheet, spec builder, selection guide, and CAD or PDF downloads. The site uses advanced software and high-quality images for a seamless user experience.

Lincoln, NE – Mapes Panels has updated its website to offer additional information to clients about their SSG panels that combine the benefits of energy efficiency and aesthetics. The solar company designs and manufactures SSG panels to suit clients’ unique structural and energy needs. Their panels can be used in multiple places, including the sides of buildings to resemble energy-efficient windows. They have a wide range of options for infill panels and custom-fabricated products ideal for all types and sizes of properties. 

The Lincoln solar panel manufacturer has made its website easier for clients to navigate. The site is compatible with all mobile devices and carries essential details on its products. The new page explains the diverse types of SSG products they have, which include Mapes R, Mapes Stop, MapeSpan, MapeShield, and more. Clients can access the company’s glazed spandrel panel / SSG product sheet, spec builder, and selection guide online. There is also the option to download CAD and PDF documents for additional information that is not posted on the site. 

Mapes Panels’ new site provides essential information like performance requirements, aesthetic features, shipping information, and more. The company has posted numerous images of completed projects to allow clients to get a real-life view of what the panels look like once installed. Through this new site, clients can reach the staff easily through online chats and have the option to subscribe to the company’s resourceful emails to get new updates about SSG panels, among other products. 

The solar installation company has invested much in advanced technologies, research, innovation, and modern equipment. This investment improves the design, manufacture, and installation processes for SSG panels. Their new site uses advanced software and high-quality images for a seamless user experience with no glitches. The staff at Mapes Panels are client-centered and available to answer any online queries about their SSG panels. 

The company representative had this to say about their SSG panels, 

“Mapes-SSG panels are the perfect solution when your project requires panels that can be installed in a variety of structurally glazed conditions. All Mapes-SSG panels are custom fabricated to suit the performance and aesthetic requirements of your project. Most other Mapes product lines can be adapted for use in SSG conditions as well, giving you a wide range of options to meet your needs.”

Mapes Panels offers other products and services such as non-insulated veneers and glazing. The products are designed as a replacement for ¼” glass and are available with one or both sides finished. The company manufactures them with all architectural finishes with optional features like fire or moisture resistance. 

Mapes Panels is located at 2929 Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln, NE, 68504, US. Contact their staff by calling (800) 228-2391. Visit the company website for more information on their updated website for Mapes seamless structurally glazed (SSG) panel products to provide more in-depth information to clients.


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