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Mapes Panels Has Updated Its Website To Provide Their Quality MapeSpan, Spandrel Glass Panels To Clients in Lincoln, NE

Citi-Field-MapeSpan spandrel glass panels

MapeSpan spandrel glass panels at Citi Field

Summary – Mapes Industries is a family-owned business that has manufactured specialty architectural glazing infill panels and metal architectural canopies since 1952. They have updated their website to be able to reach potential clients and give coherent information on the quality MapeSpan panels they provide.

Lincoln, NE – Founded by J.S. In 1952, Mapes Industries developed the first laminated metal panel to be used extensively for storefront remodeling and wall facing. Along with Mapes Canopies, architects have confidently specified Mapes products for value and function for over 60 years. The Mapes laminated insulated metal panel has progressed through the years to cater to the increasing needs of an energy-conscious world. Their panels are distributed on a non-exclusive basis to over 4000 qualified dealers whose main function is to service the architectural glass and glazing trade. Presently, under the fourth generation of leadership, Mapes Panels continues to provide distinguishable high-quality service and products that have built the foundation of their success over the years. 

They are dedicated to their craft, focusing on what they do well and making the industry’s best architectural canopies and panels. Constant improvement is at the forefront of the company’s efforts as they continually strive to find ways to be even more efficient, responsive, innovative, and helpful. They promise to remain the experts in their field. Mapes Panels is always there, standing with its customers, fulfilling its promise to exceed expectations and remain unrivaled, regardless of building code changes, weather, or the economy’s softening.

Mapes Panels offers their MapeSpan insulated glass spandrel panel that can provide the infill solution for a client’s needs for their storefront and curtain wall applications. The panels are insulated spandrel glass panels that include an exterior skin of 1/4″ tempered spandrel glass laminated directly to an insulating core, an interior substrate, and a finished interior skin. This eccentric solution offers a single-source glazing option at a low cost for all curtain walls, spandrels, and window applications. The interior of the MapeSpan infill panel can be factory finished and complements any design specification, including Anodized, Kynar, or Baked enamel. The unitized nature of MapeSpan also lessens field labor, and it is assembled in a factory-controlled environment.

When one partners with Mapes Panels, they can trust that they will receive the absolute best panels on the market. Their industry experts with years of invaluable experience and know-how are always ready to help and advise clients to find the right panel solution for their projects. On-time and done to perfection, the company works to exceed its clients’ expectations in every aspect. Mapes Panels’ experienced staff who specialize in the assembly of their pre-engineered products assemble the products to eliminate all unavoidable challenges that clients may experience. With the assembly process already completed, clients now have a product that arrives onsite and is immediately ready for installation, saving time and money.

Mapes Panels is in its 70th year of operation, and they continue to provide high-quality, value-added products that are synonymous with quality and integrity within the industry. Contact their front office staff with any additional questions or concerns at 800.228.2391. Their offices are located at 2929 Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln, NE, 68504, US.


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