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Millard Sprinkler Offers Sprinkler System Winterization To Help Ensure Everything Still Works Properly In the Spring 


Omaha NE Residential sprinkler installation

Residential Sprinkler Installation.

Omaha, NE – With winter around the corner, Millard Sprinkler wants to remind customers of the importance of the winterization process needed on a sprinkler system to save unnecessary repairs once spring comes.  With cold winters and hot summers, Millard Sprinkler understands the switch that needs to be done to correctly protect sprinkler systems.  Millard Sprinkler contains a fully licensed and experienced staff, committed to helping their clients protect their investment and always ready to provide the excellent service they guarantee.   

Not many companies can say they have the experience that this company has been able to gather over the years, especially considering Millard Sprinkler is owned and operated by Todd Rannals, an entrepreneur who has been in business since he was very young. Todd was able to understand the importance of keeping a well-maintained yard in the Midwest, and after putting together fault-proof procedures, Todd developed one of the most effective methods to help his community save money on sprinkler systems even under the most adverse climatic conditions. 

“Our overall success and economic prosperity depends on trust. A trusting relationship must exist among employees and extend to our clients. Our philosophy at Millard Sprinkler is ‘our customers for tomorrow start today.’ That is, we understand that our interactions with customers on the phone or in-person create an image of our company. We want that image to be the best. This, we hope will generate trust in our relationships leading to future service, installations or referrals from them. We are a company strong in our roots, proud of our customers, and committed to quality and excellence,” the spokesperson for Millard Sprinkler said.

Millard Sprinkler specializes in a wide variety of residential & commercial irrigation services, including installations, service/repair, turn-ons/tune-ups, renovations and drain-winterization. Whether homeowners need to install a new irrigation system or just be prepared for the winter, these expert technicians can handle any irrigation system labor to improve their home sprinkler system.

They are recognized for their underground lawn sprinkler system installations by Omaha Awards. They were also voted as the Better Business Bureau’s Integrity Award multiple times placing them over competitors for new systems, repairs, & services.

Located at 13235 Chandler Rd #C Omaha Nebraska 68138, Millard Sprinkler is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through  Friday, and from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturdays. To request a service or free quote contact them via phone at (402) 894-1199 or by email at To learn more about their services, feel free to visit their website.  


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