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2021 Marks Millard Sprinkler’s Service Sales Record-breaking Year for Residential and Commercial Sprinkler Installation in Omaha, Nebraska

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Millard Sprinkler

Summary – Millard Sprinkler is the go-to company for off-season sprinkler winterization services in Omaha, Nebraska, and the surrounding areas. Being a full-service company, Millard Sprinkler offers a complete range of related services, with this year being the most significant in sales. Its services include custom redesigning old lawn sprinkler systems, swimming pool reroutes, sprinkler system expansion, and drip tube installation.

Omaha, Nebraska – Maintaining an immaculate yard all year long is everyone’s dream, yet the work input for the same is not everyone’s cup of tea, given the tiring processes typically involved. Of all the processes involved, lawn irrigation plays a crucial role in actualizing this dream, and the Millard Sprinkler technicians are among the best to help with this. For them, maintaining a good sprinkler is not just about having one that does the job in perfect weather conditions, but rather one that will remain in tip-top working condition when the weather is unfavorable. The company’s dedication to excellence is the reason behind its consistently increasing client base in the region.

Having broken all the previous records, 2021 marks Millard Sprinkler’s peak in service sales in Omaha. The latest records indicate an impressive fifteen percent rise in commercial sprinkler installation services and a total of over a thousand residential installations. These two records directly result from the company’s excellent workmanship and top-notch customer service, a dedication that the company employees vow to keep up. In keeping with their goal of forging lifelong relationships with their clients, the company experts offer year-round sprinkler maintenance services in Omaha. One such service is sprinkler winterization in preparation for the cold seasons.

Millard Sprinkler’s sprinkler winterization techniques employ time-tested steps that guarantee the desired results regardless of how low the temperatures plummet during winter. Besides winterization, they also offer a wide range of other maintenance services, making them the number one choice for many clients in the region. The best part is that they are never more than a quick phone call away whenever clients need them for such services. Millard Sprinkler’s experts have years of experience in the business. They can handle all lawn sprinkler models, ensuring that they are in optimal working condition all year long.

In addition to maintenance, Millard Sprinkler offers the full range of sprinkler-related services in Omaha, Nebraska. These include the custom redesigning of old lawn sprinkler systems, swimming pool reroutes, commercial sprinkler installation, sprinkler system expansion, residential sprinkler installation, drip tube installation, cleaning clogged sprinkler heads, spray pattern correction, and fixing broken heads. For all these services, the company’s technicians always make post-service follow-ups to ascertain the quality of their work and make any necessary adjustments.

“Todd came to my home, inspected the quality of the yard, and assured me they would correct the issues I had with their initial workmanship. A few days later, the issues were resolved. Most companies these days seem to care very little about the true satisfaction of their customers. Millard Sprinkler could have just written me off as a disgruntled customer, but they didn’t. They took the time to understand my issues and prompt actions to correct them. A special “thank you” to Grace, Bill, and Todd for providing excellent customer service,” said one impressed client after a post-service follow-up session.

More information about their services is available on their website. For other queries or to schedule an appointment, contact a customer representative via email at or call 402-894-1199. Millard Sprinkler is located at 13235 Chandler Rd #C, Omaha, Nebraska 68138, USA.


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