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KidGlov Advertising Agency Helps Healthcare Organizations Tap Into Referrals


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KidGlov, a boutique marketing and advertising agency with offices in Lincoln and Omaha, Neb., recently explored the benefits of tapping into healthcare referrals on their latest Marketing Mondays online educational series. The marketing agency’s experts meet weekly on their social media channels to explore an array of marketing strategies ranging from healthcare marketing to financial advertising, nonprofit marketing and more. 

“Referrals are nothing to toss aside in any industry, but for healthcare organizations, where products are similar and services are need-based, patient referrals can be a lifeline,” said Lisa Bowen, KidGlov vice president and managing director. 

In its weekly digital strategy discussion, the advertising agency offered helpful ways for healthcare organizations to connect with referrals and encourage them to share their experiences with family and friends. Strategies included keeping referral programs simple, aligning initiatives with existing brand marketing strategies and empowering team members to act as extensions of sales and marketing efforts. 

“In the world of healthcare marketing, patients are in the driver’s seat of an organization’s success,” said Bowen. “But many healthcare groups are hesitant to adopt sales and marketing strategies to better reach this audience. There’s a great opportunity with referral programs. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should be consistent and results-driven.” 

For Bowen, exceptional experiences are central to gaining referrals. “We help organizations ask the questions to define extraordinary experiences for patients. Things like, ‘How can you go above and beyond?,’ to ‘What ways can you support patients even after their service?,’ provide the groundwork to consistent patient referrals,” she said. 

Bowen, a veteran in the marketing industry, has extensive experience working with healthcare groups. She formerly lent her talent at CHI Health and has collaborated with numerous health-related organizations at KidGlov advertising agency ranging from public health to children’s health, senior services and more.  

For over eleven years, the KidGlov team has worked with changemaking healthcare organizations to help them reach success. By combining results-driven strategies with compassionate perspective, the group is quickly becoming an expert in healthcare marketing initiatives. In the past year, the group helped health groups respond to a global pandemic, reach new audiences, and even encouraged the public to receive the COVID-19 vaccine through strategically-driven healthcare marketing support. 

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The KidGlov advertising agency experts meet weekly via their digital marketing channels on Facebook and YouTube to discuss an array of marketing topics including healthcare marketing, financial advertising, nonprofit marketing and more. Learn more at 

KidGlov is a content marketing and advertising agency that works with regional and national brands across industries through offices in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. The group works with changemaking organizations who believe in the power of branding to kickstart success. Learn more at,, or visiting their Omaha office at 105 South Washington Street, Papillion, Nebraska 68046.



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