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Millard Sprinkler, a Company Specializing in Installing Lawn Sprinklers, Named Best of Omaha in 2022 

Millard Sprinkler is among the Best of Omaha 2022 household winners

Millard Sprinkler is among the Best of Omaha 2022 household winners

Summary: Millard Sprinkler is among the Best of Omaha 2022 household winners. With the win, the family-owned and operated company becomes one of few to be awarded First Place in all household categories —since the program’s inception.

Omaha, NE: Millard Sprinkler has been awarded First Place Lawn Irrigation and Sprinklers in 2022’s Best of Omaha. With the win, the company becomes one of the few to be awarded First Place in all household categories. Like the previous years, the Lawn Irrigation and Sprinklers category attracted many businesses in Omaha, making it one of the most competitive business awards. The win is a testament that the clients are satisfied with the services and professionalism. 

Besides awards and recognitions, the company offers multiple services, such as sprinkler installation and design. The installation, performed by a professional and trained crew using advanced equipment, minimizes the effects in the yard, such as too deep or shallow pipe trenches. To give each client the best service, they (designers) first meet with them to know what they are interested in most and their preferred design. They also discuss other factors such as water requirements, features, and terrain.

In addition to installation, the award-winning company specializes in repair services. The crew offers customized solutions whether the irrigation system has faulty sprinkler heads, backflow preventer problems, broken valves, clogged nozzles, malfunctioning control units, wasted water, or poor spray patterns. They can also request a professional assessment and repair if they have cut wires, broken pipes, running water that does not shut off, or capping off heads.

Sprinkler systems also need to be checked regularly. To ensure homeowners get the most from their irrigation system, they offer inspections (of every sprinkler head), check for leaks and dry spots, inspect every zone, and find bad valves and heads. In addition, the company shows first-time homeowners how to operate the new system effectively and tune it for maximum results. 

Millard Sprinkler also offers renovations, rehabs, and additions. Whether the clients need to overhaul or expand their sprinkler system due to changes in their landscape, the team provides customized services. For example, they help the client create separate flower bed zones and redesign the existing structures, swimming pool reroutes, and reconfiguring designs by incorporating some add-ons. They also install drip tubes in case the client has newly potted plants.

When speaking about Millard Sprinkler, one client noted: “I’ve used them for both commercial and residential with excellent results. They saved us a lot of money on the commercial by finding a low-cost solution instead of the high-cost solution that was proposed by another company. In addition, they expedited repairs that were critical to the operation of the system rather than put us in a queue. Their technicians were knowledgeable and friendly.”

Millard Sprinkler is located at 13235 Chandler Rd #C, Omaha, NE, 68138, US. Clients interested in sprinkler installation, repairs, renovations, or drain/winterization can contact the company at 402-894-1199. Visit the website for more information. 


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