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Mapes Panels Updates its Website with Useful Information on its Increasingly Popular MapeShape Infill Panels 

MapeShape Infill Panels

MapeShape Infill Panels

Summary – Mapes Panels, a renowned Lincoln-based supplier of premium architectural metal panels, has updated information about its MapeShape infill panels on its website. 

Lincoln, NE – Any contractor worth their salt knows there can be no substitute for the best-quality construction materials for quality results. Appreciative of this fact, Mapes Panels maintains an unwavering commitment to producing only the best-quality custom architectural metal panels guaranteed to give clients value for their money. Since its foundation in 1952, the fourth-generation, family-owned company has been a consistent pace-setter for many of its peers. It has remained at the top of its game by consistently working to improve its products through sustained investment in research and innovation. To keep clients informed about the latest additions to their portfolio, the company operates an updated, highly informative website designed specifically for client convenience. 

Commenting on why Mapes Panels remains at the top after sixty years of service, a company spokesperson said, “Mapes Industries developed the original laminated metal panel to be used extensively for wall facing and storefront remodeling. Along with Mapes canopies, architects have confidently specified Mapes products for function and value for more than 70 years. The Mapes laminated insulated metal panel has evolved over the years to meet the ever-increasing needs of an energy-conscious world. Mapes Panels  continues to be a leader in developing custom architectural metal panel solutions for the construction industry.”

In a recent website update, Mapes Panels added new information about their latest products, MapeShape infill panels. With a few clicks of a button, clients can access a wealth of useful information needed to make wise decisions in selecting the best formed corner panels for their next projects. Specifically, they can access easy-to-download resources containing detailed product feature information they can use as handy guides for their next purchases. Additionally, the website features vivid product images, specifications, costs, and warranties – all pertinent decision-making information. 

The company’s glazing infill panels come in various dimensions and specifications guaranteed to fulfill each client’s unique requirements. The new website makes it easy for clients to decide which panels will be ideal for their intended applications by clicking on the newly-updated selection guide. For client convenience, the information in the guide is classified under three categories, cores, substrates, and finishes. Under each category, clients can check out specific product feature categories for available MapeShape infill panels. Under panel cores, these categories are insulating core, features, R-value per inch, and cost. Mapes Panels’ substrates information includes materials, features, and thickness information.  For finishes, the website contains finish type, standard & custom thickness info, number of colors, custom colors, and width information. Armed with this information, clients will find it hard to make regrettable decisions. 

Given Mapes Panels’ dedication to expanding its product portfolio by introducing new ones or improving existing ones, it is advisable to refer to its website before making any decisions. Aside from the company’s highly-interactive website, clients can sign up to have the latest updates sent directly to their email. A company representative is always available at 800.228.2391 for queries. Mapes Panels is located at 2929 Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln, NE, 68504, USA.


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