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Millard Sprinkler in Omaha, NE is Celebrating Its 25th Anniversary in February 2020

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Millard Sprinkler

Omaha, NE – Millard Sprinkler has over the years proven itself as a truly impressive company that boasts of a team of experts whose main aim is to help residents in and around Omaha, NE live a life that is green and free from stress. Having been in business for years, Millard Sprinkler has introduced to the community some of the most advanced products that have helped them maintain a green lush lawn at their homes and businesses. As a leading provider of irrigation services in the area, Millard Sprinkler is proud to announce that its business clocks 25 years in February of 2020.

Announcing its 25th year anniversary in business, the spokesperson for the company noted that over the years, Millard Sprinkler has remained committed to the interest of its clients and their company is proud to have become the one-stop-shop for all irrigation needs in the area.

Speaking about the family-owned company that has been in existence since 1995, the spokesperson for the irrigation system and sprinkler repair technicians said, “As the Midwest’s #1 irrigation contractor, our goal is to give freedom from the daily chore of hand watering. It is our responsibility to give a more enjoyable outdoor experience and to eliminate unsightly garden hoses. It is our duty to conserve water for generations to come. Millard Sprinkler offers professional, long-lasting relationships with our clients based on our depth of knowledge, service, and integrity. Our Name is our reputation.”

Having come a long way over the past 25 years of actively serving members of the Omaha, NE community, the lawn sprinkler system installation experts at Millard Sprinkler have broadened the scope of the services offered to clients, aiming to give them a truly remarkable and stress-free experience in replacement for the use of the traditional watering can.

Millard Sprinkler, now serving over 30,000 clients in and around Omaha, NE now offers both residential and commercial installation and design services for the perfect irrigation system that takes into account the terrain, use and other important details to make the client’s life a stress-free one.

In addition to the installation and design services offered, Millard Sprinkler is also the trusted provider of modification and repair services, putting the experience and expertise gained over the years to deliver solutions to clients whose irrigation system suffers from broken or leaking sprinkler heads, backflow preventer problems, broken valves, clogged nozzles, cut wires, broken pipes, malfunctioning control units, capping off heads, poor spray patterns and wasted water, running water that won’t shut off, among others.

Rest assured that Millard Sprinkler brings its years of experience to each job handled, making sure that their client’s irrigation needs are identified and tailored solutions are provided.

Millard Sprinkler is located at 13235 Chandler Rd #C, Omaha, NE 68138. To enjoy their over two decades of experience in irrigation system services, contact their team via phone at 402-894-1199 or send online inquiries via email to For additional information regarding their services, visit their website.


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