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Millard Sprinkler is a Leader in Commercial Sprinkler Installation Services in Omaha, NE

commercial lawn sprinkler installation in omaha ne

Commerical Lawn Sprinkler Installation

Omaha, NE – Millard Sprinkler has served its community for the past 25 years, offering world-class commercial sprinkler installation services to meet all of their client’s needs and budgets. Renowned companies such as The Sunrise American Center, Top Golf, Olive Garden, The Whole Foods Market, The Zorinsky Aquatic Center, Applebee’s, Biaggi’s, among many others, have been putting their projects in the hands of the sprinkler experts from Millard Sprinkler for many years.

When it comes to commercial sprinkler systems, Millard Sprinkler is considered synonymous with excellence, and as such, many of their clients have preferred their services for more than two decades, as their company has consistently demonstrated that building a lasting relationship with their clients has been and always will be their top priority.

“Millard Sprinkler offers professional, long-lasting relationships with our clients based on our depth of knowledge, service, and integrity. Our name is our reputation, as measures of our efforts can be seen in the numerous awards and recognitions received.” Said the spokesperson for Millard Sprinkler, regarding their client-oriented approach.

While their company has become the trusted partner of many large companies in the area, Millard Sprinkler remains true to its principles by offering the best quality services regardless of the size of the project, which is why, as well as being number one in the installation of commercial sprinkler systems, they have also become the leading choice for many homeowners in the area, as they offer high-quality residential services designed according to their client’s needs and always tailored to their budgets.

Millard Sprinkler has over the years proven itself as a truly impressive company that boasts of a team of experts whose main aim is to help residents in and around Omaha, NE live a life that is green and free from stress. Having been in business for years, Millard Sprinkler has introduced to the community some of the most advanced products that have helped them maintain a green lush lawn at their homes and businesses. As a leading provider of irrigation services in the area, Millard Sprinkler is proud to announce that their business clocked 25 years in February of 2020.

In addition to irrigation system design and installation services, Millard Sprinkler also specializes in the renovation, rehabilitation, and maintenance of existing sprinkler systems, as well as in corrections and additions when needed. Whether their clients need some help with broken or leaking heads or they just need the cleaning of clogged nozzles, clients can rest assured that Millard Sprinkler will employ all of their experience and resources to provide permanent solutions to any problems that their clients may face with their sprinkler systems.

Millard Sprinkler has the honor to be a Certified EPA Water Sense Partner, as well as a Certified Irrigation Contractor and Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors by the Irrigation Association.

Millard Sprinkler is located at 13235 Chandler Rd #C, Omaha, NE 68138. For a world-class underground sprinkler system, contact their team via email to For additional information regarding their services or to request a free quote, visit their website.


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