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Millard Sprinkler Offers Spring Turn On Service For Underground Sprinkler Systems In Omaha, NE

Underground Sprinkler Systems

Summary – Millard Sprinkler provides spring turn-on services for underground sprinkler systems, among many other services. They have a long history of serving clients in Nebraska and are well-known for designing, engineering, and deploying advanced irrigation systems. 

Omaha, NE – Millard Sprinkler, the Midwest’s leading irrigation contractor, strives to alleviate its clients from the everyday duties of hand watering. Their spring turn on service is aimed at providing a better outdoor experience while also removing unsightly garden hoses and conserving water for future generations. Based on its breadth of knowledge, service, and honesty, the Nebraska-based company has been able to maintain professional, long-term relationships with its clients. This explains why, since its establishment in 1995, the family-owned business has consistently provided the finest value package in the lawn sprinkler industry. 

The sprinkler service has served over 40,000 clients, and its expertise has not gone unnoticed. Since the category was created, their professionalism has won them a spot in Omaha Magazine as Omaha’s #1 lawn sprinkler provider. Also, they have received numerous positive reviews from satisfied clients, with one of them saying: “You and your company were professional from start to finish. You returned my call promptly and came out to do the estimate just when you promised. My system was also installed in a timely manner, even though I decided to have it done during the peak time of the summer. ” 

Millard Sprinkler creates sprinkler systems that are tailored to the demands of its clients. Their designers visit property owners to find out what is most essential to them in terms of lawn watering and then design the system around that information. The landscape areas, turf coverage, trees, pots, and water features can all be addressed in the final design, which takes into account the terrain, water requirements, lot proportions, and so on. To minimize the impact on the yard, the sprinkler system will be installed by trained, professional staff using the most up-to-date equipment. 

It’s crucial to get any sprinkler system inspected regularly. During the first tune-up, Millard Sprinkler can show first-time homeowners how to operate their new system. Inspection of each sprinkler head, cleaning clogged nozzles, adjusting heads for proper spray patterns, an inspection of each zone on the system, looking for leaks or dry spots, finding any bad valves or broken heads, and setting the correct watering time on the control unit are just a few of the topics covered. 

Due to landscaping, fences, new pools, tree growth, or a new deck, an old sprinkler system may need to be redone or expanded. Millard Sprinkler does not only make recommendations and finish the work quickly, but can also modify current sprinkler systems, establish separate flower beds, and reroute swimming pools. They have the expertise to handle any irrigation system issue, including broken or leaking sprinkler heads, backflow preventer issues, broken valves, clogged nozzles, cut wires, broken pipes, malfunctioning control units, capping off heads, poor spray patterns, wasted water, and running water that won’t shut off.

To learn more about Millard Sprinkler, visit their website or contact them via phone at 402-894-1199. Their office is located at 13235 Chandler Rd #C, Omaha, NE, 68138, US.

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