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Updated Mapes Panels Fire Resistant Infill Panel Sold in Lincoln, NE

MAPESTOP Fire Resistant Panels

MAPESTOP Fire Resistant Panels

Summary: Mapes Panels has built a stellar reputation for manufacturing quality commercial products specially made for glazing infill. They include the MAPESTOP Fire Resistant Panels, whose updates are featured on their website. The products are distributed by qualified dealers skilled in the architectural glass and glazing trade. Inquiries about the products can be made by phone, email, and fax.

Lincoln, NE: The infill panels manufactured by Mapes Panels stand out for their high insulation value and impressive class A fire ratings. Their product range includes MAPESTOP Fire Resistant Panels, MAPESHIELD Impact Resistant Panels, and MAPES SSG Seamless Structurally Glazed Panels. Also featured are MAPESHAPE Formed Edge Panels and MAPESPAN appearance with framing and wall surface. The company’s fire rated panel can be glazed to create a flush. The carefully engineered fire-resistant panels work perfectly for glazing applications that need a fire-rated system. Quick shipping service is available on request.

Mapes Panels began operations in 1952 and has gone into the annals of history for developing the first laminated metal panel used for wall facing and storefront remodeling. They continue to trailblaze with custom architectural metal panel solutions targeting the multi-billion dollar construction industry. These products are distributed by more than 4000 qualified dealers, mostly serving architectural glass and glazing segments of the market. Led by Luke Prussa, the company is currently in the fourth generation of leadership.

 The company has built a stellar reputation for manufacturing high-quality architectural products. Their MAPESHAPE Formed Edge Panels feature formed edges that can be glazed within standard 1 glazing channels. The MAPES SSG Seamless Structurally Glazed Panels come as a fitting solution for projects requiring panels that can be installed in different structurally glazed conditions. The latest MAPESTOP Fire Resistant Panels work seamlessly with glazing applications that demand a fire-rated system. On the other hand, the MAPESHIELD Impact Resistant Panels work effectively on windows, storefronts, and curtain walls. 

As masters of commercial building products, Mapes Panels has strengthened its hand in delivering the best architectural canopies and panels while maintaining the highest ethical standards. Customers are treated as partners, so they are fully co-opted in problem-solving, specifically on issues touching on design, architecture, and construction. Their architectural panel is made to fit the needs of a project and the realization of aesthetic goals. The panels include Insulated Spandrel Glass, Impact and Blast Resistant Panel, and Formed Edge Infill Panels. An update on these panels and other products is provided on their website.

Mapes Panels is dedicated to its craft, which is manufacturing the best architectural canopies and panels. These products are continually improved to make them more efficient and responsive to clients’ needs. The team working to deliver the products and services features a Market Development Manager, Product Manager, Operations and Supply Chain Manager, Sales Manager, and Sales Account Executives. 

To get in touch with the architectural panel manufacturing experts at Mapes Panels, call 800.228.2391, or visit their office at 2929 Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln, NE, 68504, US. Under the company’s Quick Ship Program, customers enjoy next-day shipment, which means orders are sent and received within 24 hours.


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